Chapter 7 Quiz

1. This chapter might be best classified as a “pause in the sequence of judgments.”


2. John saw four angels hold back the “four winds” of the earth. What best explains what they are holding back? (v.1)


3. Then John saw another angel ascending from the east carrying “the seal of the living God”. What is that seal going to be used for? (vs. 2-3)


4. Which IS NOT a true description of those who are sealed? (v.4-8)


5. According to the list of tribes that were sealed, the tribe of Dan is conspicuously missing. Which might best explain why? (vs.4-8)


6. The last half of this chapter changes dramatically from a scene where John is watching an angel seal the servants of God on earth to a scene where he sees a great multitude worshiping in heaven. Which might best explain why? (vs. 9-18)


7. Which IS NOT an accurate statement about this multitude John sees in heaven? (v.9-17)