Chapter 17 Quiz

All questions must be answered.

1. Which of the following opening statements WAS NOT made to John concerning Babylon? (vs. 1-2)


2. John saw the beautifully adorned woman harlot CARRYING a scarlet beast upon her shoulders (vs. 3-4)


3. Which DOES NOT apply to John’s description of the woman he saw. (v.5)


4. Which of the following might best explain why the great harlot bore such a strange and perverse name? (v.5)


5. For all wickedness attributed to Babylon, at least it can be said that a Babylon-type society would NEVER consider murdering God’s people. (v.6)


6. In his explanation of the “beast” (Antichrist), the angel told John that he “was”, “is not”, and will “ascend out of the bottomless pit.” Which of the following MIGHT explain what the angel meant? (v.8)


7. The “seven heads” of the beast are meant to represent seven kingdoms. Five having passed prior to John’s lifetime, the Roman kingdom during John’s time being the sixth, and a yet future kingdom of Antichrist being the seventh. (vs. 9-10)


8. The Antichrist is the “seventh” king who then becomes the “eight” king when he becomes Satan-incarnate. (v.11)


9. Who are the “ten horns” on the head of the beast according to the interpretation of the angel? (v.12)


10. Which of the following statements IS NOT true concerning the desolation of the “harlot” Babylon? (vs. 16-17)


11. Babylon DOES NOT represent a literal city. (v.18)