Chapter 10 Quiz

All questions must be answered.

1. Which DOES NOT identify the one who John saw coming down from heaven holding a little book? (vs. 1-4)


2. Now that the little book is fully open, which best explains why Jesus sets foot on earth and then roars like a lion? (vs. 1-4)


3. What might best explain why Jesus cried out with a loud voice? (vs. 1-4)


4. Why didn’t John write what he heard the “seven thunders” utter? (vs. 1-4)


5. In a great oath made by God, Jesus said, “There shall be delay no longer.” Which best explains its meaning? (vs. 5-7)


6. The “mystery of God” is eternal and will never be finished. (vs. 5-7)


7. John found that the scroll that he was asked to eat was bitter in his mouth, but sweet in his stomach. (vs. 8-10)