Chapter 12 Quiz

All questions must be answered.

1. The “woman” signified to John as “being with child” and “in labor and pain to give birth” was an image of Mary, our Lord’s earthly mother (vs. 1-2)


2. Which best explains why Satan hated the “woman” and sought to devour her “child” as soon as it was born? (v.4)


3. When Satan failed to prevent the birth of Christ he inspired the crucifixion of Christ. But in so doing unwittingly partook in God’s plan to destroy him. (v.5)


4. Which of the following IS NOT true concerning the wilderness flight of the “woman”? (v.6)


5. Satan’s expulsion from heaven will go quietly and unnoticed. (vs. 7-9)


6. Which IS NOT true following Satan’s expulsion from heaven? (vs. 10-12)


7. After his expulsion from heaven who does Satan seek to destroy? (vs. 13-15)


8. Which BEST explains the phrase “the rest of her offspring”? (v.17)


9. Satan’s plan of extermination is best understood as retribution against Israel for giving birth to Jesus Christ (v.17)