Chapter 13 Quiz

All questions must be answered.

1. The fact that John saw Antichrist rising up out of the “sea” signifies that he will rise up from among the “people”. (v.1)


2. Which might best explain why Antichrist is signified to John as a composite of four separate beasts? (v.2)


3. The wounding and subsequent healing of one of Antichrist’s heads might signify that Antichrist will be assassinated during the Tribulation and then be falsely “resurrected”. (vs. 3-8)


4. Who is it that grants Antichrist “a mouth” to speak blasphemies and “great authority” for three and a half years? (vs. 3-8)


5. God promises immunity from persecution for all true believers during the Tribulation. (vs. 9-10)


6. Which might be a probable explanation for why John saw the false prophet as a beast that spoke like a dragon yet “had two horns like a lamb”? (vs. 11-14)


7. Which of the following is MOST TRUE about the second beast? (vs. 11-14)


8. Which MIGHT NOT apply to the “mark”? (vs. 15-17)


9. Which IS NOT implied regarding the number 666? (v.18)


10. God wants Christians to immediately start looking for someone whose name equals the number 666.