Chapter 8 Quiz

1. When Jesus removed the seventh and final seal from the scroll, John in effect says, “All of heaven, the four living creatures surrounding the throne, all the hosts of angels, and everyone else became absolutely quiet for about thirty minutes.” (v.1)


2. John witnessed seven angels receive one trumpet each following Jesus’ removal of the seventh and final seal. Who are they? (v.2)


3. Which of the following best explains why John witnessed another angel moving about the temple in heaven offering up to God “the prayers of the Tribulation saints”? (vs. 3-5)


4. The sounding of the first four trumpets each initiate a judgment that cumulatively affect and destroy a third of this planet’s trees and vegetation, seas, sea life and transportation, fresh waters and atmosphere. (vs. 6-12)


5. This chapter concludes with John looking upon an angel flying through heaven crying out loudly, “Woe, woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth.” What might best explain the angel’s message to those living upon the earth? (v.13)