Chapter 19 Quiz

All questions must be answered.

1. Who IS NOT mentioned as part of the “Alleluia” chorus following God’s vengeful destruction of Babylon? (vs. 1-4)


2. The only time that the word “Alleluia” is used in all of the New Testament is in this chapter of Revelation. (vs. 5-7)


3. Which IS NOT included as a reason why heaven explodes into a chorus of gladness and rejoicing to the glory of God? (vs. 5-8)


5. Which of the following BEST explains the “marriage supper of the Lamb”? (v.9)


6. An angel restrained John from worshiping him. Which IS NOT included in the explanation he gave to John? (v.10)


7. Which of the following IS NOT what John said as he beheld Christ about to leave heaven and return to earth? (v.11)


8. Jesus will strike the nations down with a sword He yields in His right hand. (vs. 15-18)


9. The “supper of the Great God” that follows Armageddon concerns a gathering of birds to eat the flesh of the dead. (vs. 15-18)


10. Which of the following does John bring to light in his epilogue of Armageddon? (v.20)