Chapter 11 Quiz

All questions must be answered.

1. Which might best explain the purpose for John’s measurement of the millennial temple? (vs. 1-2)


2. Which of the following was John strictly prohibited from measuring? (vs. 1-2)


3. How long is the ministry given God’s two witnesses? (vs. 3-4)


4. When Jesus refers to His witnesses as the “two olive trees,” He was signifying that they will do their work on earth in the power of the Holy Spirit. (vs. 3-4)


5. The two witnesses will be so hated by the world that they will conduct most of their affairs in hiding. (vs. 5-7)


6. Which does NOT explain the death of the two witnesses? (vs. 5-7)


7. Which of the following events WILL NOT happen in the “same hour” as the resurrection of the two witnesses? (vs. 8-13)


8. To whom will the nations direct their anger as a result of the destruction and death? (v.18)


9. What did John see when the temple of God was opened in heaven? (v.19)