Chapter 22 Quiz

All questions must be answered.

1. The existence of both the river of water of life and the tree of life might be an indication that we will be “required” to eat and drink in heaven. (vs. 1-2)


2. Which of the following statements IS NOT true concerning heaven? (vs. 3-5)


3. Which of the following testified that John’s record of the Revelation is both credible and accurate? (vs. 6-7)


4. John was instructed to “seal” up the words of the Revelation because it did not apply to his generation. (vs. 8-10)


5. The unjust and filthy remain unjust and filthy before God because they resist the things of God and are hardened and repelled by it. (vs. 12-13)


6. Which is the CORRECT MEANING of this statement made by Jesus? “And behold, I am coming quickly” (vs. 12-13)


7. Which IS NOT a title Jesus associates Himself with by saying, “I am the Root and the Offspring of David, the Bright and Morning Star”? (v.16)


8. Who makes the call to “Come” take and drink the water of life freely? (v.17)


9. God will severely judge anyone who “deliberately” adds or subtracts from the words of the Revelation in an attempt to promote another doctrine other than the gospel of Jesus Christ. (vs. 18-19)


10. Is it conceivable that Jesus might return in our lifetime? (v.20)


11. John concludes the Revelation with a prayer for those in the church reading and hearing this amazing record of last days’ events. (v.21)


12. What should be our response to this prophecy?