Chapter 18 Quiz

All questions must be answered.

1. In his opening statement to John the angel uses graphic imagery to describe the destruction of Babylon. What is it that he said? (vs. 1-2)


2. When the angel told John “the kings of the earth have committed fornication with her” he was suggesting that the world leaders will embrace the Babylonish world system of covetousness. (v.3)


3. Who is warned to get out of Babylon? (vs. 4-5)


4. Which IS NOT a correct statement made to God the Father concerning Babylon? (vs. 6-7)


5. The plagues brought upon Babylon will span a period of three and a half years and SLOWLY destroy her (vs. 8-10)


6. Which describes the merchants’ reaction to the destruction of Babylon? (vs. 11-13)


7. Babylon is told that all the rich and splendid fruit that their soul longed for will be removed but would be returned if they repented. (v.14)


8. What are those in heaven encouraged to do in the aftermath of Babylon’s destruction? (vs. 15-20)


9. The throwing of the large stone into the sea at the conclusion of this chapter is consistent with how Jeremiah concluded his warning of judgment against ancient Babylon and might be repeated here to establish the fact that God’s word will come to pass, and that Babylon will vanish forever. (vs. 21-23)


10. The spirit of Babylon (perverse religious beliefs and fleshly lusts) has resulted in the suffering and death of many prophets and saints. (v.24)