Chapter 4 Quiz

All questions must be answered.

1. Because John was immediately in the Spirit and subsequently “air lifted” to the throne room of God after the letters to the seven churches, it’s a good indication that: (v.1)


2. John provides an incredible description of God’s features. (v.3)


3. Who are most likely the twenty-four elders John saw sitting on twenty-four thrones around the throne of God? (v.4)


4. Which IS NOT a description given by John about one the four “living creatures” he beheld in the midst and around the throne of God? (v.7)


5. The four images of the four “living creatures” symbolize the four-fold life and ministry of Jesus Christ. (v.7)


6. This chapter concludes with an incredible “cycle of praise” during which John saw the twenty-four elders casting down what before the feet of Jesus Christ? (v.9)